• Highly selected and specialized staff
  • Optimized production lines
  • Modern equipments
  • Care about training & work safety

I.C.S. -Industria Circuiti Stampati – was established in 1980 by Giuliano Vigarani, Enrico & Piero Denti, and was based on technology and innovation to meet the raising request of electronic controllers for industrial equipment.

Its technologies, quality and accuracy had been so appreciated, that new market fronts quickly opened

As the the years passed, I.C.S. got the most modern equipments to answer the raising needs of the market and to provide products at the forefront of technology and quality. In 1992 I.C.S. earned UL certification for double-sided boards and in 1993 the same happened for multilayer boards.

It got CECC certification for the product, through IMQ, in 1995; some months after got ISO 9002 certification.

ICS updated quickly to ISO 9001 certification, and now the quality management system is certified by TUV Italy, following the ISO 9001:2008 standard (now updated to ISO 9001:2015).
Within the first half of 2018 ICS certified the management system according to UNI/EN 9100:2018 standard.

Today the company is recognized in the market as synonym of innovation, quality and technology applied to the printed circuit boards production.